and process

We produce good quality single parts and components to be a magnificent bus. Precision and accuracy is the key that we have to make that such product. Supported with approximately 300 employee and high technology that we have, sure we can do. CNC machines that we have can deliver us to make high quality result. CNC Cutting Machine, CNC Bending Machine, CNC Milling Machine, and also CNC Welding Machine are our superiority to make a Bus.We consider that Quality, Cost and Delivery are our commitment in this Factory. Production process is equipped with many station that we have Quality Gate for each process to make sure our product is in a perfect condition before deliver to the next process. And Final Inspection make sure that whole process are well completed. With Efficiency process and effective treatment we can push the price down, so we believe that we are eligible to compete other companies. Cycle Time is also applied in our factory. It make the product finish onJust in Time method is our strategy to make it real. So we can deliver our product to the customer on time with quality that customers desired

Why Choose Us
  •  Reliable, The sturdy frame makes our products have been proven in a oughterrain on various island in Indonesia
  •  Affordable , We can accomodate customer demand at the right price without compromsing in quality
  •  Innovative , Tentrem focus on products that prioritize the latest technology that suit market tastes